Sunday, July 28, 2013

Special Message to Readers

We now have a Facebook page for the Louisiana Educator. I am asking my readers to visit the page at: and to "like" the Louisiana Educator Facebook page because this action will provide you with an up to date feed at Facebook on some breaking stories in education that may not merit a full fledged post on the blog.

For example, I just added a post on the current controversy between Lafayette Superintendent Pat Cooper and the local school board. To make a long story short, the school board has become very annoyed with some of Cooper's grandstanding over his hiring of an unqualified maintenance supervisor and what many see as fake education reform issues like his 100% in 100% out initiative. This "reform" apparently was intended to appeal to both the black community and the business folk by pretending that any school system can somehow keep all students from dropping out. One of the unintended consequences of this policy was to soften discipline at some middle and high schools to keep suspensions down. This has caused a situation in some schools where students can be extremely disruptive and disrespectful to teachers and get only a small slap on the wrist. This is absolutely driving some excellent teachers out of the school system.

My comment on the Facebook page for Louisiana Educator has to do mostly with BESE member Holly Boffy's misuse of school grading data to try to defend Cooper.

Please visit and "like" the Louisiana Educator Facebook page at so you can get regular updates on breaking education news. Please encourge all educators you know to like our Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

If I do not participate in Facebook, will I now be less informed? Will your Facebook posts appear here too?

Unknown said...

Anonymous, thank you for your concern about getting information. I will do my best to cover all important education issues on this blog, however I am very pleased that there are now several excellent bloggers that have been covering many of the major issues in education in Louisiana. My new Facebook page was intended mainly as a way of informing persons interested in public education about some of the breaking news covered by other blogs and regular news media. I will be adding these blog addresses to the bottom of the Louisiana Educator blog so that my readers who do not use Facebook can readily access these.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping this blog and your new face book one. I also do not have a facebook page, I don't have time and high school students don't get the separation of school related and private.

Anonymous said...

will you do another blog soon on what is REALLY going to happen this spring as far as the bottom 10% of teachers under the totally horrible COMPASS eval program?
With school starting the major questions are:
1. Is that 10% per district or school or the entire state?
2. Will they count those who quit or retire in that 10% so they don't have to fire teachers who want to continue teaching?
3. The intensive assistance program can be up to two years long. Who decides what it consists of and if the teacher is now effective or not?
4. What if a principal has all effective teachers and none to fire? Will the principal's evaluations get redone by someone else until they have teachers to fire?
5. If teachers have to be effective 5 out of 6 years and in their 4th year they are found ineffective how will they ever get to the 6th year if they are fired after the single ineffective rating or placed in intensive assistance?

If you can answer any of these it would really help dispel the rumors and myths going around and help us realistically plan for what lies ahead. Talk of quitting prior to getting rated ineffective is circulating and moving to a smaller home or a rental so if the worst happens you don't lose your home.

Michael Deshotels said...

To the last commenter: You certainly have given me a lot to think and write about. I can tell you now that my next post coming out tomorrow exposes another serious flaw in VAM caused by John White and his Seabaugh solution.