Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Time to Recommend Changes in Teacher Evaluation

Important Notice: The Act 240 subcommittee of the Accountability Commission meeting has been rescheduled from November 3 to November 17 at 1:00 PM in the Claiborne Bld. This is the subcommittee that will recommend changes to the teacher evaluation system to BESE and to the Legislature. If you had planned to attend the subcommittee meeting, please change the date on your calendar.

Teachers, this was supposed to be your committee, so that you could recommend changes, and so you could have a voice in fixing what was wrong with VAM and COMPASS. But I believe that the LDOE plans to take control of that committee and use it to ramrod its own changes to the evaluation system. . . and it may not be what you want.  That's why they insisted on delaying the meeting. Don't let them bully the Committee into once again doing their bidding. They have no idea how to design an effective evaluation system!
Please continue to send emails to the subcommittee members giving them specific examples of how the COMPASS and VAM systems are not working as intended in your system, and what needs to be changed. Or if you think it is working great, be sure to tell them that instead. Don’t be shy. Don’t try to be too diplomatic. Don’t try to assume that something can be made to work if you think it Is fatally flawed.

My opinion is that VAM is fatally flawed and cannot be fixed. It is not working properly in a single state where it has been tried, so just changing the formula won't work.  Canceling teacher tenure based on one bad VAM result is criminal! The COMPASS rubric is not flexible enough, and results in a Dog-and-pony show instead of a practical evaluation system. That’s my opinion, and I am sending it in.  Now tell them your opinion! Here are all their email addresses.,,,,,,,, burnsj@REGENTS.LA.GOV,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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