Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Destroying the Teaching Profession

This extremely biased story in the Baton Rouge Advocate still can't help but reveal that our new Act 54 evaluation system is driving away some of our best teachers. See the comments below the article. Notice that Debbie Meaux, president of LAE, pointed out the important issue that was totally ignored by the reporter. The teachers rated most effective are leaving the classroom in much greater numbers than those rated ineffective!  Even if we exclude the highly effective teachers being promoted, there are one-third more highly effective teachers leaving the profession than those rated ineffective.

It is obvious that many of our highly effective teachers are leaving the profession because they are totally disgusted and disillusioned with what has been done to their chosen profession. The extreme mismanagement by our amateur education "leaders" is having a severe impact in destroying the teaching profession in Louisiana.

If you want to make a real difference in gaining respect for the teaching profession in Louisiana you have an excellent way to do so. Just send me an email at and give me your zip code and preferred email and I will add you to the Defenders of Public Education email list. Together we can make a big difference by being unified and contacting our legislators to pass positive rather than negative legislation relative to public schools and the teaching profession.


Terri said...

I am a preschool teacher and I'm am also considering applying at Hobby lobby. I make 10 dollars an hour we are under the Jefferson parish school District and we have so much more that is expected from us. I love teaching young children and everything they expect from us takes away time from the children. I have lots of work I have to do at home without pay. I too am discouraged.

Charlie's granny said...

I am a veteran teacher (30 years!) , and I am rated "highly effective." I am leaving at the end of the year. No amount of "DROP" money is worth the stress of the evaluations. The curriculum we are using (eureka math) is frustrating for the children, their parents, and for teachers. I do not feel valued. Stick a fork in me....I'm done!!

Anonymous said...

Hate common core.

Anonymous said...

I have nine years left. I plan to take two sabbaticals before I retire.