Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

My wish for the new year is that Louisiana education will begin an era of true reform. This would include restoring the trust of our policy makers in real professional educators, reducing he abuses of standardized testing, and a recognition that poverty, not ineffective teachers, is the primary factor adversely affecting the performance of students. Our policy makers need to stop trying to apply one-size-fits all standards that cannot do anything but hurt many students. It is time to stop blaming educators for factors over which they have no control and to instead utilize our energy and resources truly addressing the needs of our at-risk students with the goal of educating each student to her/his greatest potential.

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Bridget said...

I agree. It's time for our elected lawmakers to admit they have been duped by ALEC and the business lobby into believing that this attack on public education would miraculously fix all that is wrong with our state. They ignorantly believed that real educators didn't know anything about education and that businesses people had all the answers. Well now the truth is becoming evident. They have wasted our tax dollars on unproven experiments that have hurt children, while filling the pockets of out of state greedy charter and virtual "schools". Our legislators have been complicit in this failed experiment and it's time to admit they were wrong, and to allow real educators to help fix what they broke. The first step would be to get rid of John White and put someone with real education credentials and actual experience in education back in charge of education. Put people with experience in public education at the LDOE. The second step would be to stop the greedy charter mongers from raping our state. Hold charter schools accountable both academically and financially. Stop sending our hard earned tax dollars to For-Profit greedy corporate run "schools" that have no interest in educating the children of our state. The third, and most important, would be to stop this tunnel vision that focuses solely on a test that we know doesn't really measure student learning. Instead of pouring our tax dollars into a testing program that doesn't help children, let's use that money for resources in our schools. Let's invest our tax dollars in our schools where our children are, instead of in the pockets of testing companies. Let's admit that poverty is the problem, not ineffective teachers. The data clearly shows that family SES is directly correlated to school performance scores. So instead of wasting money on high stakes tests, let's invest in smaller class sizes and wrap around services for our most at-risk students. Let's invest in innovation (instead of PARCC) for students. Just think what we could do to improve our public schools if we spent that test and test prep money where it is really needed? Our state is full of bright and talented students who are being robbed of opportunities to succeed because of education policies that have no basis in reality. It is time for the business lobby to back off and let us educate our students. It's time for educators and parents to band together and fight back.