Sunday, February 22, 2015

Help Defeat H.R. 5

Dear Louisiana Educators:
There is an effort in the U.S. Congress right now to use the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind to promote vouchers, and further expand charter schools with our tax dollars. But in addition, H.R.5, The Student Success Act, would continue to mandate standardized testing in each grade from 3 to 8 and once in High School. This would pretty much guarantee that practically all teachers in every state would be further pressured to teach test prep almost year round every year!

The Network for Public Education is a group very similar to my Defenders of Public Education, except that it is a nationwide group that supports our public schools and the teaching profession. I am asking that you simply click on this link to the NPE web site that will help connect you to your Congressperson so that you can send an email or letter in opposition to H.R.5. They have a sample letter which you can send, or you can write your own unique letter using some of the talking points at the web site.

I promise you NPE a very legitimate and sincere group that exists only to support you the public school educator and public school parents and to help mobilize your efforts to oppose the privatization of our public schools and the de-professionalization of the teaching profession.

Please act today because the vote in Congress will probably happen this week! 

Michael Deshotels

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