Sunday, August 23, 2015

Both Republicans and Democrats Are Wrong on Education!

This report by Peter Greene in his blog Curmudgucation is a humorous take on the horrible, stupid, contradictory and damaging positions on education issues expressed at a recent forum in New Hampshire by Republican candidates. This forum is of particular interest to us in Louisiana because it was hosted by our own Louisiana native Campbell Brown, hater of public school teachers, and daughter of former Secretary of state Jim Brown. Also our Bobby Jindal made a fool of himself as usual by bragging about all the stupid things he had done to Louisiana education.

But before anybody gets upset about me picking on the Republicans, I just want to remind my readers that I have often pointed out how damaging and ill conceived the policies of our Democratic president and his unqualified Arne Duncan have been for education. In fact I believe that Arne Duncan has done even more damage to public education than George Bush did with his idiotic No Child Left Behind disaster.

Trust me, this post by Peter Greene is so spot on, so well written, so effective in pointing out the stupid, hypocritical, contradictions on important education issues by these candidates that you will actually enjoy reading it even though, if you are an educator, it will probably bring tears to your eyes. (Just one slight correction: Jindal did not create the charter mess in New Orleans, but he is still all for it!)  We must read articles like this so that we can be reminded that we must fight on to defend public education. No matter how tired we are, we must continue to point out the insanity of these constant attacks on public education and on our teaching profession.

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