Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Louisiana Purchase of BESE Continues

It was a huge waste of billionaire money, and it could have been much better used if it had simply been donated to better fund schools that serve the most at-risk students. But instead it was used to perpetrate the strangle hold of the privatizers on the Louisiana State Board of Education. What a shame!

We now know that some of the best and most sincere supporters of public education have been removed from BESE and some extremely good educators have been barred from service for the benefit of our children. The billionaires now own BESE, but do they have any idea what to do with it?

I want to express my sincere appreciation to Dr Lottie Beebe and to Carolyn Hill for their support of our public schools and for fighting so passionately for democratic control of our public schools. Your efforts will never be forgotten. I only hope that you will continue the fight for our public schools in whatever capacity in which you choose to participate.

Thank you also to Lee Barrios, Kara Washington, Glynis Johnston, Johnny Fatheree, Jason France, and Mike Kreamer who all fought a good fight against the takeover of our public education system.

Lets all join together in supporting Mary Harris who is in a runoff in District 4 and Kathy Edmonson who is in a runoff in District 6. They will need our wholehearted support to succeed in maintaining a force for reason and democracy on BESE.

John Bel Edwards in his quest for governor is also a bright hope for the continued support of our public schools. Please support John Bel.
Michael Deshotels


Anonymous said...


Thank you to Dr. Lottie Bebee and Carolyn Hill for their support of public education, and public school students and educators. Thank you for your courage in voting to do what was in the best interest of the students- especially when it would have been so much easier for you to jump on White's band wagon. You chose the high road. You placed the students and the Louisiana education system before yourself.

To Lee Barrios, Kara Washington, Glynis Johnston, Johnny Fatheree, Jason France, and Mike Kreamer, thank you for conducting professional, clean, and honest campaigns. Please continue to fight for our children.

It is my fervent wish that once John Bel Edwards is elected Governor, he accomplishes two tasks within his first thirty days in office. The first would be to fire John White. The second would be to appoint the three new BESE members asap from among the following group of people: Dr. Lottie Bebee, Carolyn Hill, Lee Barrios, Kara Washington, Glynis Johnston, Johnny Fatheree, Jason France, and Mike Kreamer. Let them continue to serve Louisiana's children.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe such wonderful intelligent and compassionate warriors for our public schools are leaving because the true honest message of their hard work all this time was ignored by voters too distracted by the flash big money can buy. What a sad dark day. This election was so important, many of us who are teachers have been so hopeful that we would finally have a BESE board that would support our students. Our schools. Ourselves. This year is worse than last year, and these elections results are making it very hard to keep going.