Sunday, September 30, 2012


Our state Department of Education keeps finding new ways of insulting the teaching profession in Louisiana. First our Superintendent and Governor claimed that education credentials mean nothing and changed the law so that persons without education certification will be allowed to teach in Louisiana charter schools. Then while public school teachers are being laid off because of loss of state and local funding to voucher schools, the State Superintendent started spending 12 thousand dollars per month to hire an additional public relations specialist.

But the action that demonstrates the most contempt for professional educators is the recent appointment of a TFA Corps member to manage the evaluation of 60,000 public school teachers and administrators. It turns out this person has never served as a principal, or evaluator. In fact she has no real teacher credentials, and taught for 2 years in a school that was considered by the Department to be a failing school. As far as we know, she has never demonstrated the ability to improve the education of students. Yet she will rule over a system that will evaluate persons with Masters and PhD's in Education and decades of teaching experience. She will have the power to order the firing and destruction of the careers (even terminate the certification) of thousands of qualified teachers. The person who held the position over the Act 54 evaluation system before her also had no teacher credentials, and never taught a day in the classroom yet was allowed to train principals in the new VAM and COMPASS systems. Educators who have put up with numerous attacks on the profession by Jindal and White are now expressing outrage over these latest humiliations of the teaching profession.

Please click on this link to The Advocate story about the credentials (or lack thereof) of the state director of the teacher evaluation system. Take the time to read some of the many comments at the end of the article by present and former teachers and by members of the public. One of the commenters pointed out that this is like letting an intern rule on the employment of experienced physicians. Would Doctors stand for this? There is not one positive comment on this issue and no defenders of this action. Educators have a right to be outraged!

Superintendent White keeps saying in his speeches that he wants to “empower” teachers and school administrators, but his actions are only “empowering” amateurs to make decisions that affect the careers of the real educators. I just heard a description of one of the evaluator training sessions last week where this amateur teacher (state director of COMPASS) took it upon herself to fuss at highly experienced and qualified administrators. What an insult!

But what is the point of the outrage if we don't channel it into productive action? Why not communicate our outrage to BESE and to the Legislature who created this mess? Our elected representatives could stop this insanity. But it will not happen until they hear from their constituents! There are 60,000 teachers in the state that are subject to humiliation and possible career destruction by this ill conceived evaluation system that is being run by amateurs receiving obscene salaries. Principals who have demonstrated many years of effective management of employees are being subjected to the humiliation of being “trained” and lectured to by neophytes with no education credentials. Please consider taking one or all of the following actions now.

1. Sponsor a petition at your school. The following is a sample petition to BESE:
The undersigned professional educators are acutely aware that the new educator evaluation system mandated by Act 54 of 2010 and Act 1 or 2012 could have a great impact on the careers and welfare of many public school educators. We believe that proper credentials and educational experience are important requirements for any managers at the Louisiana Department of Education level who are charged with the implementation of this program. We therefore respectfully request that BESE require that all managers of the evaluation program have proper education credentials. In addition, only persons with extensive classroom and supervision experience should be allowed to administer the teacher and principal evaluation programs. Any lesser requirements will amount to disrespect for the education profession in Louisiana and will discredit the entire evaluation program.
Mail the petition to Ms Penny Dastugue, President, BESE, P. O. Box 94064, Baton Rouge, LA 70804.

2. The following is a sample email to BESE and to our legislators:
Dear BESE or ( Legislative member): Teachers and principals in our school are outraged that the new educator evaluation system mandated by Act 54 of 2010 and Act 1 of 2012 is being managed by persons with no valid education credentials. We refuse to be humiliated by having our careers put in jeopardy by persons who are not qualified to judge our work. Please take all necessary actions to correct this unfair situation. Get the BESE email addresses by clicking on this link. Get your legislator email by looking him/her up by clicking on this link.

3. Email to Governor Jindal: (same as above) Send to; or go to the following web site:

I appeal to all educators. Please do something to show your pride and support for your profession. Don't let the enemies of public education beat you down or push you into early retirement. The children of Louisiana need real educators.

Thanks for all you do as an educator,
Michael Deshotels


Anonymous said...

Local leadership governing bodies could also sign a letter of protest.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us aware of the evil being done in our state capital and the DOE. We are truly the laughing stock of the world. The disrespect is slowly trickling into the classroom and now I understand why. I am shocked that the teachers of this state are being treated in what can only be called evil and intentionally destructive manners. To put someone with less experience than a new teacher into a position that trained the principals how to "observe " us and to see how these observations are progressing is like watching people dying slowing right in front of us as their souls are sucked out of them. A peer was in her post-observation meeting, here are some of the "CRITICAL areas that were mentioned as justification for her score: two SPED students were not fully engaged the entire class( in her class of 33 and no para), a student went to the bathroom and took too long????, she let students use rulers to cover up parts of a chart to focus on the rest and she should have used paper, her students journals(this was 6th period) were messy, her lesson plan did not include a specific math and ELA objective in her science class, her first five activity was too short, it only lasted 4 minutes.
You can't make this stuff up! Then when you are totally drained, your soul sucked out and you feel like the worst teacher on the planet they hand you a "Self-Evaluation" to fill out!!

We are being observed by people who have not taught in a classroom for 15+ years and NEVER taught our grade levels. The experience you mention should be within the last two years. Would you want a surgeon who hasn't done surgery in 15+ years evaluating your surgeon for her license renewal? Our observers in turn were taught to do this by a person with no teaching experience.
Everyday the observations are done there are teachers headed to the doors crying or cursing. One said the observation process was the most humiliating, degrading and insulting thing she has ever endured in 22 years of teaching. Another said the entire tone of the observation is to catch us being bad teachers and was reminded that NO ONE gets a 4. The law says this process is to provide an opportunity to teachers to improve their practice. None have been told the great things they do! They say they sit there with two administrators or supervisors for an hour and are told everything they did wrong. When one said, "I thought I was a good teacher until now." She was told that none of her prior ratings can be considered from this point forward.
What a load of @##@#$#$ I think this new appointee is there on purpose to make sure that her pathetic attempt at training our observers would create so much anguish that none survive and Jindal will finally have a place for all his TFA temps.
Then he is off to Washington DC and we get left with?

I keep sending links to here and Dr. Ravitch's blog. I am now hearing from the peers I send them to and they are reading and learning, and many are surprised by what is happening!! I am writing a letter to many in Baton Rouge and we will see how many teachers are left this spring

Michael Deshotels said...

To anonymous: I've seen this type of teacher evaluation before. It's a type I like to call the "dog and pony show ". The way it works is some experts have listed all the things effective teachers do in running a classroom. So they tell the evaluator to watch to see if the teacher does all of them in the lesson they are observing and score the teacher based on the number of items covered. The performance then resembles a dog and pony show where the teacher runs the class through the entire list of tricks they are supposed to demonstrate. The performance becomes just a performance instead of a real life classroom. That' s why a weak teacher who runs a good dog and pony show can get a good rating, and a good teacher who simply runs a good real life classroom can get a poor rating. Teachers are therefore forced to demonstrate a performance instead of just being a good teacher.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that the problem with having ineffective teachers is ineffective administrators. they know what goes on and fire good teachers who dare to point it out or aren't in the family. Especially in areas where everyone knows, goes to church with and is related to everyone in the school district. They really do not know you can work in an organization based solely on your abilities and professional qualities; not who you know.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sending the letter to the superintendents!!! It was forwarded all over from ours. No one will say anything but at least they sent it around, pretty gutsy for around here!
Thank you!

Dawn Williams Coker said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "We must hang together or we will all hang separately....." IT IS TIME!!!

Anonymous said...

I''m an administrator, and completely agree with all that is being said. I have teachers in tears, stressed out and looking for the door. These are the ones I NEED to stay, but those that need to leave are oblivious!! I'll admit the tenure system made it IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of bad teachers. The few administrators that did take a stand to remove ineffective teachers, only tried once, and swore never to try again. But we live in a society that if a person doesn't show up for their job a "Walmart " they can be fired! That means our children are not really that important. AND our elected and appointed officials think this will work?? Ha ha

Kathy said...

To the 1st anonymous,

Your account of the experiences the teacher had in the post conference of the observation rips my heart apart. There was enough teacher stress before all of this picky, picky check list being used to identify strengths and weaknesses of a teacher's effectiveness came into being. Then to realize the evaluators have less experience or none at all at your grade level or in your subject area, makes it more ridiculous. I hope your friend is a member of a union and documenting everything, which, unfortunately, is another stress elevator.

What evaluators are doing to teachers is something a teacher would not even do to their students. One can not work effectively surrounded by negativity. A student is not going to keep trying if everything that he/she does is torn apart. It takes all the sap and spirit out of a person.

Give each other hugs and pats on the back. Many of us know what a tremendous job you have. Hang tough! Try not to let go. I know too many will.

Lisaipey said...

thank you for sending the letter to the superintendents!!! It was forwarded all over from ours. No one will say anything but at least they sent it around, pretty gutsy for around here! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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