Friday, February 10, 2017

America, the Beacon of Hope Shines On . . .

The federal 9th circuit court of appeals decision handed down yesterday overruling the Trump travel ban from selected countries was nothing short of an affirmation of the greatness of America!

The entire world watches the news coming out of America every day and is obsessed by almost every American action, particularly in politics and foreign policy. Our country is truly the leader of the world because we have somehow stumbled upon the most successful and fairest form of government known to man. That's why the millions or maybe billions of oppressed peoples of the world watch our country so closely, where despite our many flaws, we still represent the best hope for the success of mankind on this fragile planet.

A few years ago the whole world watched as Barrak Obama, a man of mixed ethnicity who had somehow risen to the top leadership position of our nation, eloquently laid out his dream of hope and change. The whole world unrealistically looked to him as the leader who could help America lead the entire world to a new era of peace, prosperity, and harmony. Unfortunately their expectations were much too optimistic as the extreme polarization between the two major political parties here paralyzed our national government. Our country was struggling with a near collapse of our economy at the time Obama took the reins. Somehow, continuing the moves initiated by president Bush to save our banks and prevent an economic collapse, Obama, his economic advisors and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System executed a plan to pull us out of the economic abyss.

So by the end of Obama's 8 years, despite the petty political paralysis, our nation was leading the  world's economic recovery and we seemed to by inching closer to a better life for all.  But our economy and the distribution of wealth were far from perfect. Many people still found themselves struggling to survive while a tiny percentage of the super wealthy ruling class gobbled up all the cream from our recovering economy.

Then came Donald Trump. This phenomenon referred to by conservative columnist George Will as a  "bloviating ignoramus" somehow convinced almost half of our voters and a majority of our Electoral College to install him as president. Trump was seen by many as a supreme ruler that could single handedly right all wrongs and inequities in America caused by our shift to a world economy pitting our American workers against the hordes of cheap labor from all the less developed economies of the world thereby destroying thousands of higher paying manufacturing jobs in our country.  Trump, who ironically came from the greedy economic elite of our society, simply promised to return our economy to an impossible, obsolete structure where the middle class would once again prosper, where miners could return to their dangerous dirty jobs in the ground to once again bring home a bigger paycheck, and where everything would be right again. In addition, Trump promised to bomb our Isis enemies to hell and remove all the threats of terrorism caused by the ugly clash of ideologies in the middle east.

For the past few weeks since the Trump inauguration, the world watched in horror as Trump announced his "America first" policy and banned the most oppressed and most desperate humans from setting foot on our precious soil. The Trump edict was immediately seen by the world and by experts in diplomacy and foreign policy to be the exact opposite of what America needed to do to defuse the clash of cultures of the west and the middle east. But then just yesterday three judicial wise persons stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!

Yesterday the world learned that our government is designed, at least in this one instance, to curtail the actions of a demigod who seemed to be determined to ignorantly plunge the world into greater chaos. Instead the peoples of the world can still see that our great country has a system of government that can curtail some of the most the insane actions of Trumpism. There are many challenges ahead as Trump continues his petty insecure tantrums and incompetent executive orders and the Republicans attempt to further consolidate the rule of the greedy elites. But on this one day, America demonstrated its greatness

I expect that America may also be spared in the coming years, as the Trump administration proves to be so incompetent that it may not be able to successfully implement his most destructive policies!