Sunday, May 15, 2022

 Important notice to all teachers


I am pleased to announce that my new book on parenting titled Parenting According to Nature will be available from Amazon as a Countdown Deal in the Kindle or eBook format for 77 hours for only 99 cents starting at 4:00 PM Central time May 19, then at $3.99 for the next 77 hours! The regular price is $6.99 for the eBook format and $14.95 for the paperback version. I am hoping that many teachers will take advantage of this great discount to study this new approach to parenting and teaching and provide me with comments and suggestions. You can make these at my blog at The Louisiana Educator.  I would also really appreciate any positive reviews readers may want to post to the Amazon book description. Any such positive reviews would help promote sales of the book, but more importantly, could help parents to learn more effective methods of parenting. The book also describes the growing threats to children’s health and welfare arising from the internet, social media, and many bad nutrition and pharmaceutical choices. The book is based on exciting recent findings about the natural drive for learning in all children discovered by evolutionary scientists. Understanding this special drive for learning should help all of us to utilize better approaches to parenting and teaching based on our genetic programming. Please help me spread the word.
See the previous posts on this blog for excerpts.
Also, Amazon allows you to read the preface and the first two chapters for free on their website by checking the arrow above the cover photo titled "Look inside".