Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Important Notice: Call Your Congress Member Today!

Superintendent John Bourque of Acadia Parish has requested that we urge all supporters of public education to participate in a national lobbying effort in support of a special appropriation of 23 billion dollars to go directly to local school systems to prevent the layoff of teachers. Simply click on this link to connect with the American Association of School Administrators website to help connect you to your member of congress so you can urge his/her support for this special appropriation.
This would be a "no strings attached appropriation". It is simply designed to help local school systems keep its dedicated teachers on the job. To get this money your school system would Not have to:
  • Close any schools or convert schools to privitized charter schools
  • Fire any principals or teachers
  • Agree to tie teacher evaluations to student test scores
  • Submit to any State Department of Education mandates on how school funds should be managed or how teachers would be hired and fired
Please act immediately! Time is short to contact your member of Congress. Just click on the website in the first paragraph above to get all the information you need to act now!