Saturday, October 27, 2018

An Important Analysis of the New School Rating System

A special message from the editor to readers of The Louisiana Educator:

I am pleased to announce, as a special service to educators and parents, this blog  on Monday, October 29, will feature an analysis by Herb Bassett of the new school rating and grading system. The Department of Education is scheduled to release the 2018 school performance scores and letter grades on November 6.

Mr Bassett, in addition to being a master teacher in LaSalle Parish, in my opinion, always produces the best independent analysis of our school evaluation systems.

Here are some of Mr. Bassett’s findings that are detailed in the report:
  • Voucher schools that receive public taxpayer dollars generally underperform compared to public schools 
  • Statistics show that, overall, students make as much or more progress in "D" schools than in "B" or "C" schools. 
  • The new Growth component of the school grading system is designed to give higher scores to elementary schools than to middle/junior high schools and high schools
  • The Growth scores also penalize schools with many students already at Mastery and Advanced.

Be sure to watch for this important analysis to be posted on this blog Monday.