Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Update on SB 465

I am pleased to report that Senate Bill 465, which is described in the post below, has been extensively amended to remove those changes in the student discipline law that many practicing educators believed would have decreased the rights of teachers and principals to maintain discipline in the classroom and on school grounds.

The bill has been amended to continue the work of the discipline advisory council that was set up last year. Unfortunately the advisory council has been expanded to include more special interests representatives that may have little knowledge of real classrooms. The council would be required by the amended bill to make a report of its findings and recommendations to the Senate and House education committees before the next legislative session.

I want to thank the Louisiana Association of educators and other groups that continue to support teacher rights to maintain an orderly classroom for their work in amending this bill.

As the bill goes to the senate floor and then to the House, it could still be amended to restore some of the objectionable changes to Louisiana student discipline laws. 

Please continue to communicate with your legislators to oppose harmful changes to our discipline laws!