Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our Schools Are Mostly Teaching the Wrong Stuff!

Here is a video that demonstrates just how helpless and ill equipped for real life our graduates really are after all the stupid reforms we have imposed on our public schools.

Several years after trying to jam the Common Core stuff down all students' throats, we find them averaging a pitifully low score of 38% on their English and math tests and they still can't balance their checkbooks or calculate the devasting effect credit card interest has on their standard of living. But to add insult to injury, they can't even cook their families a simple healthy meal. (See the video). So now about 2 thirds of our graduates are over-weight and prone to diseases like diabetes. So what was the answer of our school reformers? Cut out Physical Education!

About ten years ago or guidance counselors answered a survey about changes to the curriculum they would recommend. A huge majority said we needed more vocational career choices in our schools for students who did not plan to go to college. So what did BESE do? They forced more students to take the college prep curriculum based on the assumption that more strong medicine would do the trick. The result? We now have a smaller percentage of our students staying in college than we had then.  Many of our college prep courses have been watered down so we could increase our graduation rate. So both the potential college prep and technical prep students have been shortchanged.

When are we going to fire the phony educators like Betsy DeVos (she will be appointed by Trump) and John White from their positions of authority over education and put professional educators in charge who believe in preparing our kids for the real world?