Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Continued Dismantling of Public Education in Louisiana

One of my friends asked me this question recently: "Mike where do you get all this stuff about Louisiana Education Issues that you write about in your blog?"

My answer was: "My only problem is that the haters and deformers of public education are constantly giving me too much "c_ _ _" to fire away at in my blog. I can hardly keep up."

So I want to take this opportunity to thank the really skilled bloggers such as Tom Aswell of the Louisiana Voice, Crazy Crawfish, and Mercedes Schneider who have enthusiastically taken up the challenge of exposing all the ugly truths about our so called education reformers, or as many of us like to call them "education deformers" here in Louisiana.

I must crown Tom Aswell as the king of all investigative bloggers in Louisiana. He makes most of the newspaper reporters and other media in this state look like incompetent children when it comes to exposing the cynical corruption that has been called the education reform movement in Louisiana. Please see his blog post recently that further exposes the disgusting Jindal/White/Seabaugh conspiracy in concocting the  "Seabaugh Solution" mockery of the sick attack on our public school teachers known as VAM.

Crazy Crawfish has also put out a masterful piece using the actual voice of John White as he concocted one of his elaborate deception schemes. Please try to get a small laugh as you contemplate the immeasurable harm this errand boy from New York has inflicted upon our educational system.

Finally, Dr Mercedes Schnieder, one of our highly qualified and competent classroom teachers continues to expose the fraud that is called Course Choice in Louisiana.

I can only add one more sad story to the continued dismantling of public education in Louisiana:

White Proceeds to Dismantle the True Professional Functions of Our DOE!

Superintendent John White moved forward a couple of weeks ago with a plan to dismantle most of the remaining legitimate professional services to local school systems by laying off many of the older career staff of the Department of Education and replacing them with "know nothing TFA'ers", other non-educators like Lefty Lefkowith and bogus contracted services to corporate reformer allies.

Over two years ago, State Treasurer John Kennedy called to the attention of the Legislature the many lavish contracts freely given out to testing companies, consultants and others by Superintendent Pastorek that were exceeding over one hundred million of our tax dollars going to many unaccountable companies and services.

John White's recent actions fully supported by the rubber stamp BESE and Governor Jindal makes Pastorek's efforts at privatization look like child's play. White is throwing out a large number of the career educators left in the Department to make room for more testing contracts, more phony astro-turf special interest groups such as Stand for Children and the "yes children" who are now really running the Department. One of the old time staffers put it best when he said that our DOE is just becoming an ATM machine for the corporate special interests.

HB 650 by Carter will be the icing on the cake. If this bill passes it will give the blessing of the Legislature for White to totally demolish the remaining legitimate functions of our Department of Education as a supporter of our public school systems. BESE president Chas Roemer was not kidding when he told a group in Monroe recently that his goal was to dismantle the Department of Education. What he Jindal and White intend to do is to replace the real Department of Education with a front organization for the corporate friends of Bobby Jindal to freely raid our tax dollars that were once dedicated to public education. HB 650 has already passed the House and is now going to the Senate.

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Dtonguis said...

Public school hating has been made easy by the so-called "Chiefs for Change" because of their Commander in Chief has given them their marching orders: "The single most important factor determining whether students succeed in school is not the color of their skin or their ZIP code or even their parents' income - it is the quality of their teacher." ~ Barack Obama