Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vermilion Parish Superintendent Demands DOE Accountability on Common Core

Thank you to Superintendent Jerome Puyau and the Vermilion Parish School Board for setting the record straight about the sloppy and rushed implementation of the Common Core in Louisiana. BESE member Lottie Beebe has also pointed out that local school systems have not been given adequate assistance from the State DOE in implementing the Common Core. See Dr Beebe's letter to the editor on the Crazy Crawfish blog.

 This article about a Vermilion Parish school board discussion of the matter points out that the State DOE moved up the schedule for implementation without consultation with local school systems. The State DOE also reneged on a promise to provide curriculum materials to local school systems.

Superintendent Puyau explained that local school systems, individual schools and teachers will be held to strict accountability by the state even if the standards were not properly phased in. One of the Vermilion Parish school board members asks the question: "Who will be held accountable at the state level for the improper implementation of Common Core?"

Vermilion Parish is going on a campaign to involve other local school systems in objecting to the improper preparation by the State for the Common Core State Standards.

The St Tammany Parish school board which manages one of the most successful school systems in the state has already passed a resolution opposing the Common Core State Standards.


Jeremy said...

Looks like the first shots have been fired in this battle. Good. Now we can get on with the business of getting back to actual education. The sooner, the better.

Anonymous said...

As new school performance scores come out under the new 150 pt. formula, let us remember that many changes in the formula have hurt individual school scores. Under the former 200 point formula schools were able to earn 10 points for good attendance. Now that is lost. (School attendance is no longer important!)In addition, high schools can earn bonus points for good ACT scores, career options, etc. Elementary schools have no opportunity to earn bonus points under the current system. As you view school performance scores, please realize that a decline in your school's score or rank does not mean that your school's educational quality has declined or that its effort and dedication to excellence has changed. Instead, it is a reflection of a change in the measuring instrument. John White and State Department of Education changed the rules! Your school and your teachers are still working hard to give your child the best educational opportunities possible to be successful in this multicultural, global society. Encourage your child! Encourage his teacher!

Eric Brumley said...
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