Monday, January 27, 2014

Survey on Common Core

To Louisiana Educator readers: The above survey is intended to allow educators, school board members, parents, and other citizens to express their opinions about how Louisiana should deal with the Common Core State Standards. This survey is anonymous. No one will know the identities of survey participants. Note: There is a problem on some computers in viewing the results after you vote. Try moving the bottom slider bar to the right to move your view to the end of the statements where the results are tabulated. (Sorry about this minor glitch)

BESE has approved full implementation of the CCSS starting this school year and the PARCC testing for K-8 starting in the 2014-15 school year. The VAM based evaluation of teachers has been suspended for two years to allow time for setting base line results and to give teachers and students time to adjust to the new standards before VAM resumes.

This survey is important because several legislators plan to introduce bills in the coming legislative session that would either phase in CCSS more gradually than is now contemplated or to do away with it altogether and substitute standards developed for and by Louisiana. For the past 10+ years the K-12 standards used in Louisiana have been called Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) and were carefully spelled out for each of the core subjects and for each grade. I am assuming that if CCSS is rejected by the Legislature, our DOE would return to GLEs with any modifications approved by BESE.

Note: The survey leaves open what should be done with VAM since that is a separate issue. We may have a survey on VAM at a later date.


Jodie Thompson said...

A survey? Exactly! It's still a matter of politically controlled choices. Why not let educators come up with a top ten? Then narrow those 10 down to 5 with voting. Then 5 to 3 and then determine a value option. These "survey's" are still politically controlled. Education should not be about politics, but it is. With the constant tax cuts effecting schools, educators and students you would think there would be more of a focus on funding. No let's make common core the driving issue and burry the fact that teachers get less pay, schools get less income, grants are being cut an alarming rate, and no one in the government cares until it's election time. Then once elected its a completely different story. The pressure that's put on educators and students about common core will never be understood until these political chums sit in on a class in a low income 99% poverty school not some high ranked holier than thou prep school. Then everyone would get a taste of what it's like. Survey? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Jodie...a survey from a retired teacher may seem small, but at least it might open the door for something a survey of existing teachers (random sample, or all-inclusive) on the state of ed reform to this point. Sure would be nice if the DOE, state legislature, etc. would take an active interest in getting info from existing teachers. Teachers have been neutered in regards to exhibiting power...we have been relegated to supporting our unions who fight for us in the court room only. Sad.

Anonymous said...

A survey at least lets us see some consensus somewhere in this state! It is a blog site and Michael has brought us news and info when the so called "news" doesn't-don't slam his efforts! That was pretty nasty and it is part of the problem with how teachers and those surrounding education attack each other instead of the true target-Louisiana's Dept of Ed and BESE board;with the exception of Dr. Beebe and Ms. Hill.
CCSS is the target because it sets us up for failure and is not so entrenched yet to be unstoppable. Our pay, funding and working conditions will require years and years to change but we have to start somewhere!The public is becoming aware of CCSS and the problems-esp. in elementary grades! Our parish voters have voted down a raise for teachers for 7 years...but they ARE beginning to complain about CCSS. So there is at least a bit of momentum there!

Anonymous said...

But a survey is limited to the choices presented and isn't an accurate means of judging public opinion. It's a high-carb, energy drink for one side or another to say "See! People agree with me!" Actually, what it says is those who took the time to answer agree\disagree with you. There are so many more shades of gray than "keep it all as is," "keep it all but change a few things," or "throw it all out."

Jeremy said...

I think we've gotten to, or are very close to, a point of critical mass. Frustrations over CCSS are coming more and more. Parents are starting to realize what a load it is. Legislators are starting to as well. It's not astounding to see this survey right at 80% on doing away with this mess. I'm guessing if we polled more people in the general public who have kids in school, we'd see continued support for dismissal. Thanks to Mr. Mike for this poll!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it! There are just entirely too many inconsistencies. Teachers are expected to implement Common Core within the school system as a means of better educating our children. The sad scenario is that teachers are experiencing a lot of difficulty trying to digest the information of implementation themselves. I find it hard to imagine that individuals in the field of education designed CCSS and didn't have a problem with many of the unrealistic expectations. People we have got to find a better way!