Friday, May 23, 2014

Effective Testimony Against SB 636

Dr Patrice Pujol, president of the Louisiana Superintendents' Association makes the case against SB 636. Just watch this short video of the testimony in the House Education Committee by Superintendent Pujol. It explains very eloquently why SB 636 is a very bad idea. It is time to restore sanity to education reform in Louisiana. Thank you to Noel Hammatt for capturing this important video and making it available.

Just like teacher merit pay, total site based management makes no sense in today's complex world. This concept is not used in industry and it is not used effectively in education. What works in education just as in modern industry is a team approach to management where expertize in budgeting, purchasing and logistics is used by the central management office and maximum flexibility is given to the on-site manager.

The school management procedure required by this legislation is impractical and outdated. Lets listen to our professional educators like Superintendent Pujol for a change and restore sanity to education reform.

Please contact your state representative now and ask him/her to vote "NO" on SB 636.

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