Sunday, October 19, 2014

Now is the Time to Recommend Changes to the COMPASS/VAM Evaluation System!

Important Reminder!

Representative Frank Hoffmann of Monroe, who was the author of Act 54 which originally created VAM and COMPASS has had second thoughts based on numerous accounts of problems with VAM and COMPASS. As a result, he authored Act 240 this last legeslative session which mandated that the Accountability Commission with the addition of practicing teachers would form a subcommittee to  conduct a review of the entire evaluation system and report their recommendations to BESE and the legislature.

Rep. Hoffmann has requested that any teacher or administrator who has experienced problems or knows of examples of how the system has malfunctioned or incorrectly rated teachers should communicate those examples directly to this special subcommitte. Senator Appel has also requested to hear about the successes of the program. The subcommittee meets in Baton Rouge on November 3rd. (the meeting date was changed from November 7). This is probably your best chance to have your concens heard if you have been unairly burned by VAM or COMPASS.

That's why I am listing for you the email addresses of all the subcommittee members as a group so that you can compose one email and use the group in your address line and send it to all of them at once. Don't expect someone else to carry the ball for you on this. I am hopeful that the subcommittee members will hear from real educators who are working in the trenches. Please refer anyone you know who has a legitmate gripe about the evaluation system to this blog so that they can also use the email list below to contact the subcommittee members.,,,,,,,, burnsj@REGENTS.LA.GOV,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Rep. Hoffmann and Senator Conrad Appel are also voting members of this subcommittee and it is critical that they receive your recommendations. They are included in the group of emails above.  Knowing the attitude of BESE, our best chance for meaningful change is for the legislature to take action.

Please click here to review my post of September 27 which will give you more details about the problems with VAM and COMPASS.

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