Thursday, May 7, 2015

Paranoid Grigsby Wants LABI to Drive a Spear Through the Hearts of the Teacher Unions!

This is almost unbelievable! Bob Mann reveals here why delusional Lane Grigsby wants LABI to make the passage of HB 418 denying payroll dues deduction to teachers, the number one priority of LABI! He believes that this denial of a basic benefit to teachers will finally kill the "evil teacher unions"! Please watch the video in this article in by Bob Mann. Grigsby who is a key board member of LABI has somehow convinced himself that if big business could somehow cripple the teacher unions, that finally the ill advised reforms of education pushed by LABI would fix our education system.

This whole fantasy by big business bosses that only the teacher unions prevent the success of their  experiments with education reform is both delusional and paranoid! 

LABI leaders believe that the main reason public education is not producing college ready, work ready, "human capitol" is that thousands of lazy and incompetent teachers are just not teaching hard enough and well enough to get all kids ready for the workforce! No matter that some parents do not send their children to school regularly, and that no one at home sees to it that kids do homework and study for tests, or even pay attention in class. It never occurs to LABI leaders that kids who get kicked out of their homes regularly, don't know where their next meal will be coming from, and have almost no good role models that instill in them a solid work ethic, are just not going to do well in school no matter how hard teachers work.

LABI is convinced that if the Louisiana Department of Education could just require that large numbers of teachers be fired based on VAM scores, and if those teachers had no due process rights, and no organizational support to allow them to challenge unfounded dismissals, the remaining teachers and the new TFA replacements would finally get through to the kids. Good luck with that one!

My opinion is this: If more teachers were active, involved members of their teacher unions, LABI, CABL, John White, Arne Duncan, and Bill Gates would not be using our students as lab rats for their unscientific reform ideas.  HB 418 will be going to the House Floor for a vote of all Representatives (not Senators yet) sometime next week. If you care about the teaching profession, please ask your Representative to vote no on this bill.

Click on this link at the Louisiana Legislature web site to plug in your address so that you can get the contact information for your state representative. You can then send and email or telephone his/her office and leave a message to oppose HB 418.

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