Friday, November 27, 2015

Educators and Parents Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Many educators and parents I have spoken to recently are very thankful that we have a chance to restore sanity, dignity, professionalism, and a positive balanced curriculum in our public schools. 

The election of John Bel Edwards as our governor gives us a great opportunity to truly improve Louisiana public education

Edwards won't be able to do it alone. He will be faced with a Board of Elementary and Secondary Education that is mostly occupied by persons elected by a fanatic group of privatizers and public education haters. Many legislators have also received their bribe contributions from the out-of-state billionaires and LABI bosses who want to take over education. Our new governor will need the help of the real educators and the many parents who support public education to change the course and to put the emphasis on positive change instead of falsely claiming to be fixing "a broken system".

Public education is not broken, but it has been severely damaged by the attempt by misguided billionaires, greedy privatizers, and big business to blindly test and punish our students and our educators. Amazingly the schools and educators and students who needed the most support have been the most victimized by these so called education reforms and our true public schools have been bilked of needed school tax dollars.  After all this abuse, it is amazing that we still have so many educators and parents who have not ever given up on public education.

Governor elect Edwards has already demonstrated by his previous work in the legislature and by his very practical positions on key education issues that he will be just the kind of leader we need to help us put education back on the right path.

We should be thankful for this type of leadership, but we should also be willing to do our part to move education forward!


Anonymous said...

It is not often a moment as razor wire thin as this one comes along. Louisiana needs all of us to help propel us forward to a positive and productive future. We are dangerously close to a tipping point and Mike is absolutely correct that it will take more than one man, even one with as much potential as our new governor, to start healing our state. I hope he sets out to expose the lying, cheating and just plain evil that has taken up residence in our state AND get our sorry excuses for newspapers to actually do their jobs! Our school is a mess, teachers retiring, some too early for full benefits, leaving teaching for non education jobs and others with their heads in the sand hiding from the truth! No one wants to talk about the herd of elephants in the room even though we have to wade through all the elephant poop everyday! Alfie Kohn wrote about teachers who are happy happy happy and always think things are fine. The ones who tell their principal they love ALL her ideas and then bad mouth them in the copy room. If we are serious or try discussing a problem we are seen as trouble makers. We need HONESTY in education. As teachers we can start by being honest with ourselves. Our peers and our principals. Not all change is bad anymore then all change is good. If we don't start talking honestly with each other we will never be rid of all these elephants!!!

Anonymous said...

" I hope he sets out to ... get our sorry excuses for newspapers to actually do their jobs!"

AMEN! Newspapers continue to fail to inform and educate the public! By their actions ( or lack thereof), they seem to promote the concept that "ignorance is bliss!"

I look forward to seeing Gov. John bel Edwards' BESE board appointees.