Thursday, February 4, 2016

Where is the accountability for Pearson and John White?

Pearson, the same multi-national company that profits by millions based on the incessant testing of our students, has basically destroyed the futures of thousands of adult education students by revamping their GED test to make it just as tricky and difficult as the PARCC.

So you don't think the PARCC is tricky and difficult? If PARCC is not tricky and difficult, then why did Pearson secretly set the level three (basic) cut score on the PARCC 7th grade math test at only 18% and level 4 (proficient) at 32%. What teacher would ever rate a student proficient if the student knew only 32% of the material being tested? It that ever happened wouldn't the competency of that teacher be questioned?

Most states plan to soon make the PARCC into a high stakes for students, teachers and administrators. That means students could be retained, and teachers and administrators could be given an "ineffective" VAM rating and fired. All based on a test that was so poorly designed that the passing score had to be lowered to only 32%. This could destroy lives! Why is there no accountability for Pearson?

The terrible high stakes consequences are already happening to thousands of GED tested students who cannot get a high school diploma and cannot qualify for many jobs, where just a year ago other students could have passed and been allowed to graduate. Approximately 90% of the adult education students in New York state are failing the GED because of Pearson. Where is the accountability for Pearson?

Just under 50% of the 2016 Louisiana 3-8 math and ELA tests will be based on Pearson questions. Children's academic futures and teachers' careers could be ruined very soon by Pearson here in Louisiana. Where is the accountability for Pearson? Where is the accountability for John White who still insists on using the flawed Pearson tests?

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