Sunday, May 1, 2016

Possibly the two most important hearings on education bills

This week, Tuesday May 3 and Wednesday May 4, the House Education Committee will debate some of the most important bills of the legislative session relative to teacher evaluation and discipline. If you care about the teaching profession and its future in Louisiana you will review the bills and contact your State Representative to give him/her your recommendations on these bills. If you don't speak up, you should not complain later when bad decisions are made on education!

HB 833, (click on the bill number to see the amendments) the discipline bill by Leger that proposes to limit student suspensions is to be heard Tuesday, May 3. Please read the amended version of the bill carefully and decide whether it will help or hurt discipline in our schools. Let your legislator know how you feel they should vote on this. My personal opinion is that we have had too much interference by John White and his State Department of Education in the running of our schools. This bill would continue letting the Department second guess our teachers and administrators in the use of discipline. Click here to see the full agenda for the two days of hearings on the listed bills.

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