Thursday, February 18, 2016

Report to BESE and District Superintendents on Standards and Testing

Please click on this link to view my report to BESE and District Superintendents on Louisiana Standards and Testing.

I believe this report which includes about a year of research on our standards and the associated testing, is a wake-up call to our policy makers. The testing tail is "wagging the dog."

Our students and teachers are trapped in an endless cycle of testing and test prep that is counter to the true goals of a good education.

The PARCC-like tests given last spring have no validity because the results cannot be compared to anything, and the teachers received almost no useful information. Many teachers have no concept of what the scale scores on the PARCC-like tests really mean. I believe that was the intent of the testing consortium.

There is no real standard for students and parents. There is no bar "set higher". There is only a tool for blaming and shaming public school systems.


Mary E. said...

Thank you for continuing to focus on the failure of Standardized Testing as a means to justify further manipulation of our kids and schools. Although you do not say that outright at this point we must begin to question the truest intention behind said testing. Our kids are constantly being pulled out of class, minimized, frustrated and in some cases shamed because they cannot pass the test. Teaching is about exactly that - teaching new things with the purpose of expanding students ability to reason, decipher and analyze. It is not some arbitrary rote memorization of information that some super-being deems important or necessary. The cost analysis of standardized test, test prep and subsequent imposed failures are the biggest financial burden on all levels of government and systems of education.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. Was part of the new ELA and Math Standards Committee that were past and sent on to BESE for approval in March, then to the Legislature and finally to the Governor. I'm told that the LDOE is already working on the accountability assessments! WOW, how can that be. We need to follow this very closely and not let the great work of the committee go in vain.

Lee Barrios, M.Ed., NBCT said...

The Superintendents met in a closed meeting immediately following their official public meeting yesterday. If there were a majority of SACs committee in attendance, this is a breach of public meeting law. Meeting was called by John White to "strategize." Evidently he made it evident that he plans to push ahead with implementation 2016/17. See this comment by Supt. Hollis Milton in the Advocate report:

Milton, who is superintendent of the highly-rated West Feliciana Parish school system, said he earlier assumed the new rules would take effect for the 2017-18 school year only to later hear that state education leaders envision the 2016-17 school year as the target.

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